About Us

Reppin is an innovative and adaptive learning management system that provides businesses a platform to showcase the most up to date information regarding their products in the form of an online course. Our goals are to provide affordable training courses that provide speed and efficiency within the industry which allows them to learn, communicate and experience the products. We also going to  automating request that we’ve highlighted taking  up valuable employee time these include  brochure requests, industry discounts, group quotes to start with. We’re also a providing a location to host digital flip brochures that we believe will help businesses manage their printing costs.

Our platform will provide:

  • Tourism & Hospitality products and services 
  • Product training, awareness and updates
  • Product expectations and reviews
  • Industry discounts
  • Business Development 
  • Event awareness
  • Storage of marketing collateral and rates
  • Mentoring and businesses development
  • Industry Requests
  • Digital Brochure Hosting
  • And much much more.

Our core values are relationships built on trust. 

Our vision is to support our members so they can connect and present products and services that ensure the visitor economy has the best experience possible while in market. By creating courses together we can also create new itineraries and businesses relationships. With our positive community we will help build the future products and content required to entice visitors to our destinations. With your support we will also tackle the inefficiency challenges of our industry, so your business can focus on building rather then being bogged down.

Reppin Creator, Jared Liam O’Meara (aka JRock)

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