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$25*/Monthy *per course

  • A central location for the most up to date product information.
  • Display your products as a training course.
  • Load product onto "Requests" Brochures, Industry Rates, Group Quotes.
  • "Online Brochure" Display your brochure as a PDF Flip Book.
  • Load a course for each product. e.g tour, venue attraction, service.
  • Load product onto Group Requests Quotes
  • Have your brochure Created into a PDF Flip Book
  • Update students regarding news updates and specials via notifications.
  • Load training quizzes.
  • Load course onto Reppin Maps.
  • Business Development and agent introductions.
  • Open up industry discounts to your whole organisation including friends and family.
  • Display videos and imagery as a selling tool.
  • Load product onto Industry Requests
  • Load gross rates.
  • Store files in course drive (optional password)
  • Link booking portal to course.
  • Link training videos.
  • Answer questions from students.
  • Encourage students to leave expectation reviews on your product.
  • Assign badges and certificates to students.
  • Advertise jobs.
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